International Team / Professional R&D
Professional R&D
Haoneng has many years of label production experience, the aluminum foil beer label is early than other enterprise in China. Haoneng has professional research & development team for beer packaging labels, advanced technology, advanced equipment, provide a various selection of products.
Haoneng attaches importance to technology research & development, and strive to lead in the process. We imported the most cutting-edge technology and fine craftsmanship to provide customers more value added products.
In 2003, Haoneng started to develop the aluminum paper products,which for the wet glue products laid a good foundation.
In 2005, According to the development situation of beer label, Haoneng imported the most advanced printing and coating equipment from Canada, and the transparent film pressure-sensitive label (ie crystal label) gradually occupied the market of high-end beer labels in China.
In 2008, Haoneng successfully developed a high technology wash-off pressure sensitive label, which is in the international advanced level. According to our continuous technical improvement, this product has become the main product of our company's pressure-sensitive label product. Every year, it creates obvious economic benefits for the company, and saved a lot of packaging cost for our customers. For example,the famous international companies,like Heineken, Carsberg, are using it in large quantities.
The quick response to the customer and the market demand is the root of our long-standing invincible position in the beer label market.
In 2011, in order to further enhance R & D technology and label production technology, Haoneng acquired Belgian Illochroma Company, Illochroma is the originator of beer label production, and accumulated a number of technical development talents and a large number of label technology, obtained plenty of patent. This is a major strategic of Haoneng, which has laid a solid technical foundation for the future development of the company.
In order to strengthen the ability to develop new products, the technical R&D department of the Haoneng has carried out project R&D cooperation with several universities. For the luxury products in the market competition in the long-term invincible position to lay a solid technical foundation.
Illochroma technology
Haoneng won the “National High-tech Enterprise”title in 2012, has a first-class laboratory and a global R & D center.
Haoneng has received technical support from Illochroma, which in the label industry for hundred years, and the quality has been significantly improved. At the same time, professional R & D team has been distributed all over the world, leading the technology in the label industry all the time.
Illochroma History of technological development
· 1958 Apply offset wet paper in beer industry,The first in the world
· 1969 Developed wet strength paper for gravure
· 1975 Developed metalised paper in China
· 1988 Developed peel-off label, environment friendly label
· 1991 Developed ink retention label on white and metalised paper
· 1995 Developed labels with special effect ( thermalchromic ink, peelable label, hologram label, lamination label, etc)
· 2005 PSL label produced by gravure.